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THAT the old Byzantine church now converted into the mosque styled Hoja Mustapha Pasha Mesjedi3 in the quarter of Juma Bazaar^ at a short distance to the east of the Gate of Selivria was the church of S. Andrew in Krisei (Movy rov *Aylov 'AvSpeov eV Kpiarei)1 can be established, by the indications which Byzantine writers have given of the site of that famous churchy and by the legend which is still associated with the mosque. According to Stephen of Novgorod2 (V. 1350) the church dedicated to S. Andrew of Crete? who was buried., as other authoritiesa inform us, in the district named Krisis3 stood at a short distance to the north of the monastery of the Peribleptos. It lay, therefore, to the north of the Armenian church of S. George (Soulou Monastir) in the quarter of Psamathia, which represents the church of S. Mary Peribleptos. The mosque Hoja Mustapha Pasha Mesjedi lies in the same direction. Again, according to Pachymeres/ the church of S. Andrew in Krisei was near the monastery of Aristina. That monastery, another authority states/ was opposite the
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6 Typicon of George Kappoclokcs, quoted by the late lamented Pfcre J. Par-
goire in his masterly article on the * Suburb and the Churches of S* Mamas/ published in the Proceedings of the Iwtitut arch/ologiqug rum & Constantinople, vol. ix, fasc. i, 32, 1904, In that article the writer demonstrates the erroneous-ness of the commonly received opinion, maintained., 1 regret, also in Byzantine Constantinople, pp. 89-90, that the suburb of S* Mamas was situated near Eyoub to the west of the Blachernae quarter, Pere Pargoire proves that the suburb stood